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By Phil Glover Council President

June 22, 2000

To all Council of Prison Local's Members:


OCTOBER 15, 2001

It has been a little more than a month since the Council Convention.

Many issues were discussed and the new officers installed. I would first like to congratulate the new E-board members on their elections. I look forward to serving with you the next two years. I would also like to thank the officers leaving service to our union.

Your Elected Officers are:

Phil Glover, President, FCI Loretto

Sherry Everhart, Secretary/Treasurer, FCI Ashland

Dan Bethea, SERVP, FCC Coleman

Manny Borquez, WRVP, FCI Sheridan

Aubrey Francis, NCRVP, USP Marion

Bryan Lowry, SCRVP, FCI Forrest City

Ben Monagan, NERVP, FCI Danbury

Ron Rubottom, MARVP, FCI Morgantown

Thank you to the outgoing officers:

Dennis Biesik, NERVP

Allen Green, SERVP

Larry Raney, NCRVP

Jim Turner, Secretary/Treasurer

As we took office and worked on the changeover of officers the September 11th tragedy hit us. It is obviously the most terrible event in this country''s long history.

The Council of Prison Locals salutes our members in MCC New York, who were three blocks from the disaster for standing their posts, operating their prisons in a professional manner under extreme pressure. We also must say that MDC Brooklyn members were also courageous in continuing to provide their community with a safe environment. Our members showed why professional, trained, Federal Law-Enforcement Employees should operate our nation''s prisons. We salute you all.