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Local Issues

* Denotes New Issue

The union recently prevailed in the demotion case involving UNICOR. The Five staff involved in this case will be receiving full back pay with lost overtime opportunities. Additionally they will be placed in their respective jobs on December 29, 2002. This was a very difficult case and the Local Union stood by our members concerning the issues involved. The Agency has shown there willingness to work with the staff involved to keep the staff in question in the jobs on the long term.

The union and the Agency has reached Agreement on October 30, 2002 concerning the reassignment of Programs staff. A roster committee will be held every two years and the rules set fourth in Article 18 of the Master Agreement will be followed in assigning staff. The Union does recognize that from time to time reassignment of staff may be necessary for special circumstances outside of this procedure. When this occurs the move/moves must be negotiated with the Union in accordance with article 3 of the Master Agreement.

 Vacating Posts-I am very pleased to announce that we had the hearing on this issue yesterday July 28, 2000. We were fortunate to have Mr. Dennis Biesik NERVP for the Council of Prison Locals assist the local by putting on this case in our behalf. After the arbitrator ruled in the union's favor in this case the Agency appealed the case to the Federal Labor Relations Authority. They also lost the case there. This case is now precedent setting throughout the Bureau.


Blocking out of Annual Leave - The case was heard on the 7th of September 2000. I put a lot of work into preparing this case and I am hoping we will win. We had past practice in our favor and the staff that testified for the union did a good job. I would like to thank Karen Mickel, Jim Herrick, Stephanie Staley, Harry Butler and David Bray. As you all know we have won this case and there will be leave slots offered during annual training. Custody will be putting out new leave forms and the deadline will be extended for turning them in.


Incentive Awards -This is an ongoing issue. If you have problems in this area get with your union Steward.


Promotions- This is an ongoing issue if you feel you were not treated fairly in a promotion process contact your union representative and find out what can be done about it.


Evaluations- One should educate oneself concerning this issue read the bureau program statements. Don't be bamboozled by your supervisor because you didn't know. If you are given what you feel is an unfair evaluation you should fight it and your ammunition is in the program statements so read them. Be proactive not reactive in this area.


Supplemental Agreement -The supplemental agreement is completed. The HRM is having it printed up by the education department. The new supplemental agreement will be negotiated upon completion of the Master Agreement negotiations that are going on at the national level. On this date 11/02/02 they are currently negotiating article 6.

Overtime- We the union do not anticipate that overtime will open back up as it has in the past. All indications from Management are that overtime will be very limited in the future. This is due to new budget constraints. Although it can never be totally alleviated it can and will be greatly reduced. Remember that what type of compensation is accepted is up to the employee. If you want comp time than take comp time but don't cry about it later. If you choose to accept comp time that is your business. 

Shoes for bargaining unit- There are new stock at the warehouse. Get yours now!!! Two pairs on initial issue and one pair every nine months thereafter per the contract.

New chairs have been placed in the Towers please take care of them they are very comfortable and durable.

Microwave Ovens For the Towers -Microwaves are now in the towers use them and enjoy.


T&A Issues- These are ongoing issues and if you are experiencing these types of problems you should contact your Steward and voice your concerns.


Stewards Training- The union looks to training new Stewards next year possibly in the summer. If you are interested in attending contact your union representative.

Leave Procedures- Leave will be done completely by seniority order as stated in the master Agreement. If you do not get the leave you wanted and find you had seniority over someone who did this should be fixed. You can not complain if you don't put a leave request in.


Official Time- Official time is an issue that is very important to the local. In order for us to serve the bargaining unit we must be given Official Time when necessary. During representation Management must provide this if it is not possible to provide it right away mgt must say when they will give this to your rep.

***Compressed schedules- These are moving froward and CMS should be starting a compressed schedule very soon. We are working on other schedules now and have already turned in the schedules to Management for approval.

Workplace Violence- This is an issue that can not and should not be tolerated when line staff or supervisors are involved. Bureau Policy takes a dim view of this type of activity and the union will work with in the system to insure that staff involved in this type of activity are dealt with in a just manner.