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Council of Prison Locals CPL-33 - Contact with the national council E-Board .

AFGE National Union- Learn more about union issues such as contracting out.

Federal Bureau of Prisons- Information on our Employer

Local 506- Local union in Coleman Florida with similar issues to conquer.

Legislative links- Very informative

Copnet- Law Enforcement news letter and web page

U.S. Department of Labor- U.S. Labor Info

AFL-CIO - Our link to a bonified labor union

Federal Times- Government Employee News

Local 4047- FCI Allenwood

Local 1300 - FCI Florence

Local 1301 USP Florence -Local Bureau Union

Local 1302 ADX Florence- Local Bureau Union

FCI Fort DIX - Local Bureau Union

FCI Ashland- Local Bureau Union

FCI Milan- Local Bureau Union

Local 607- Local Bureau Union

FCI El Reno- Local Bureau Union

FCI Butner- Local Bureau Union

Local 1304- Local Bureau Union

FCI LaTuna- Local Bureau Union

Local 1701- Local Bureau Union

Union Privilege - Union Benefits from AFL-CIO

National Finance Center USDA - Pay Information

AFGE MASTER CARD- Master Application and Info

Thrift Savings Plan - Access your account Request a pin

Virtual POW/MIA bracelets - Have a bracelet made for your adopted MIA