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Brad Patterson AFGE 5th District benefits coordinator

I am completely at your service if I can be of any assistance to you concerning the various benefits that are available to you as a union member please feel free to email me at the above link and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Don't Make your next payment!

You have been selected to upgrade to a NEW LIFE INSURANCE PLAN. With No increase of premium because of your age and you build up money for your retirement, vacations and MONEY for EMERGENCIES.

This plan is payroll deductible

No open season apply today!

Call Benefits Coordinator Brad Patterson



EMAIL at link above

If you have FEGLI you can replace it with the New Security Plus.

Read On......... Example....

Did you know that after you retire your FEGLI plan, option 1 to 5 times your salary, you will have no life insurance by age 69, that's when you will really need the coverage. FEGLI automatically decreases at 2% per month until gone.

You will get no cash back from FEGLI insurance plan when you retire.

During your working career you would have spent approximately $20,000 for your FEGLI and at retirement have no money and no insurance.