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Pre-Post Shift


Agreement Reached in Mega Settlement Negotiations

WASHINGTON (Aug. 10) -- The Bureau of Prisons and the Council of Prison Locals today reached an agreement expected to exceed $100 million to compensate workers for unpaid overtime.

Both were tight lipped about the new figure, however, until the deal was signed.

A bureau spokeswoman said the new deal will compensate 33,983 prison workers for overtime between May 17, 1989, and Jan. 1, 1996.

The agreement came during the second series of discussions. Talks began at the end of last week, but a new settlement could not be reached after two days work. [See previous article]

The second round seems to have paid off though.

Union President Phil Glover told cyberFEDSTM the talks went "fairly well" and that he was awaiting the final language on the settlement.

In an interview last week, Glover said his primary goal in the negotiations was a larger settlement to cover the 15,000 bureau workers that were overlooked in the original deal.

After reaching a $97.3 million agreement in June, the union met with bureau officials to tally the final number of employees covered by the settlement. Both sides were surprised to discover the additional 15,000 workers. This meant that each worker's share would be cut by 60 percent.

Filed: August 10, 2000

To receive any payment you must have been working during the time period covered by the grievance May 89- Jan 96.

The grievants and beneficiaries will be paid in check form as soon as possible and all checks will be mailed before November 30, 2000. Grievants who want to verify the amount of their payment may call the Labor Law Office after September 30, 2000 at 202-307-2804.

Formula used for the calculation for who gets what

1.(1) One day to 365 days- One year, including 1 year= 9,356 X 365.00= $3,414,940.00= $365.00 per person

2. (366) days to (730) days - 2 year 4,852 X 1000.00 times = $4,852,000.00 = $1000.00 per person

3. (731) days to (1095) days- 3 year 3795 X 2,211.00 times = $8,390,745.00 = $2,211.00 per person

4. (1096) days to (1460) days- 4 year 3445 X 3,400.00 times = $11,713,000.00= $3,400.00 per person

5. (1461) days to (1825) days- 5 year 3461 X 5,500.00 times Five years = $19,035,500.00 = $5,500.00 per person

6. 1826+ days- 6+ years 9073 X 8,040.00 times Six years = $72,946,920.00 = $8,040.00 per person

Total $90,201,470.00

Money held for misc consequences of the settlement

7.5% to cover retirees = $6,765,110.00

Attorney fees approximately $33,420.00

Total settlement amount $120,353,105.00 million dollars

This is settlement/earned income and must be reported to the IRS and taxes must be paid on it.

If we would agree to this the following will also be agreed to:

1. BOP will handle all administration of settlement which may cost up to 300,000.00 dollars.

2. BOP will not fight the 6 year back pay law with the FLSA 3 year back pay law.

3. BOP will not fight individual employee times periods in and out of the prisons.

4. BOP will not fight the issue of administration buildings, camps, and other areas where staff went straight to work before.

5. This will be a one year pay out. It will not be multiple years.

6. We would agree this settles all Pre-Post issues up to January 1, 1996 unless, the BOP has not fixed the starting and stopping times at facilities or if it would develop again.