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Local Issues

* Denotes New Issue

There are sweeping changes on the horizon for Federal Unions and employees. The Bush administration is achieving it's goals of weakening federal unions and promoting the good ole boy system with a new pay and performance plan. The government has no funds to spare and the Agency has a Reduction In Force looming over our heads. Recently a new personnel system was unveiled at the DHS that weakens the unions ability to bargain over certain issues and also weakens the employees ability to appeal unjust personnel actions taken by management. Proposals are being made as we speak to bring the rest of the government on line with the Presidents personnel initiatives. These are trying times to say the least. If we are to get through this we must stick together and watch each other back.

On January 20, 2005 the union had an arbitration case scheduled concerning the RIF notice given to the union last summer we were able to settle this case without a hearing. We reached the objective we had in the grievance and were to get the Agency to agree to issue proper notice to us locally. The local will be receiving a copy of this case shortly. The agreement was read into the record and taken by the court reporter who was present at hearing.

 Forty posts were removed from the custody roster recently and all the positions were moved to sick & annual to stop the agency from having to pay overtime. Not only does this mean more staff will be placed on sick & annual but will increase the frequency in which an officer is placed on sick & annual.


Non-Custody staff working custody posts. Unit team will more than likely be placed in custody positions more often to save money by not having to pay overtime. For safety reasons these staff should not be working as an officer in the same unit they are a counselor or case manager in. In addition these staff should not be penalized for non-custody work that is not getting done because the staff involved are working custody posts. You should not allow your evaluation to suffer because of this.


Promotions- This is an ongoing issue if you feel you were not treated fairly in a promotion process contact your union representative and find out what can be done about it.


Overtime- The agency will not be paying hardly any overtime. Overtime is not guaranteed and the union cannot by law force the Agency to pay overtime. If you are relieved late or are ordered to stay late you are entitled to overtime or comp time (employees choice). Every staff member needs to stand up for your rights in this matter and make sure you are compensated for work you performed. Overtime- We the union do not anticipate that overtime will open back up as it has in the past. All indications from Management are that overtime will be very limited in the future. This is due to new budget constraints. Although it can never be totally alleviated it can and will be greatly reduced. Remember that what type of compensation is accepted is up to the employee. If you want comp time than take comp time but don't cry about it later. If you choose to accept comp time that is your business. 

***Compressed schedules- We have received letters from the Warden to terminate compressed schedules in the Recreation department as well as CMS. The union will take the agency through the process on these and attempt to save these for the staff who are benefitting from them.

Workplace Violence- This is an issue that can not and should not be tolerated when line staff or supervisors are involved. Bureau Policy takes a dim view of this type of activity and the union will work with in the system to insure that staff involved in this type of activity are dealt with in a just manner.