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 By Eddie Kitchens

Greetings my brothers and sisters. once again it gives me great pleasure to address you. There are a great many of you we don't get to see often. However we will make an attempt to meet and greet you. Though you may not see us we are working very hard behind the scenes for you. My brothers and sisters the Local thanks you for your support.

Recently the Local attended Southeast Regional Caucus in Panama City Fla. I would like to thank Warden Scott for allowing the entire E-Board the opportunity to attend this much needed training. This type of training is beneficial to the entire Bargaining Unit, as well as other Locals.

Now let's get down to business. Recently a few of you have asked about your right to representation. Brothers and Sisters contrary to what you are being told, you have a right to union representation. What I would like for each Bargaining Unit Employee to do is obtain a copy of the Master Agreement and then read it from cover to cover.

I guarantee you will get a better understanding of what your rights are. As the old saying goes Knowledge Is Power.

I am extremely appreciative of our union stewards. They are not elected to this position but volunteer for this very important role. They too recently received stewards training held here at U.S.P. Atlanta. I thank our Local President, Ben Jetter who is responsible for laying on this much needed training. So I will end this by asking. What do we want? I'll tell you what!! Fair and equitable treatment. Until next time (UNITY).